WarFriends Hack: Unlimited Gold, WBucks and Weapons

WarFriends is a multiplayer shooter created by Chillingo and Mega Dead Pixel and is the sort of game that will end friendships, not forge them. With our Warfriends Hack you can cheat the game and be the best through your friends. How’s that sound!

WarFriends is brought to you by the same people who made the award-winning Mega Dead Pixel. The core experience is real-time deathmatch multiplayer where two opponents and their armies will duke it out on the battlefield. You will shoot, throw grenades, but also deploy troops and use WarCards to wear down your opponent’s defenses. You’ll need to recruit your friends to form your own top squad of soldiers and take out invading enemy forces by any means necessary.

The game centers around hiding your character behind one of four shields on the battlefield while occasionally popping out to fire one of your weapons. And fire your weapons you will, because your opponent will be trying to do the same while also summoning other soldiers or even armored vehicles. Fortunately you have your own small army at your disposal, and will be able to upgrade them along with your weapons as you progress.
The controls are pretty easy to grasp and it doesn’t take long to start having fun. The real challenge is in not getting totally overwhelmed as helicopters, shotgunners, and snipers start taking shots at you.

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WarFriends Hack Features

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  • WarFriends Gameplay